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In any field of endeavor, any one thing
Out of a thousand can go wrong and
Stop the whole thing. –
Chance will favor the one smallest thing
That can go wrong –
Each item should be checked, rechecked,
AND counter-checked –
Failure sides with the smallest “bug” in the system.
Don’t assume anything, check everything
Three ways – if anything can
 Go wrong, it will go wrong.
If everything seems to be going smoothly –
Watch out!  Certainly the whole
Thing is about to blow!


MG car


Duke came from Athens Georgia to go to college in Washington D.C. with everything he owned in a cardboard suitcase, and an old ragged MG 2.  He started his business with a desk he bought that came in a box for $19.95, and as his business grew every policy that he used he shared with me.  One of the all-time greatest policies that he shared with me was referred to as Duke’s Law which simply means whatever you do, check it 3 times.  The Beauty of this is, i.e.: If you’re dictating a letter, “Dear Pat,” and your secretary brings you a draft saying, “Dear Bat,” then you immediately know one of two things:

  1. They did not use Duke’s Law and check it three times. Or,
  2. The secretary has something missing between their right ear and their left ear

Duke ultimately went on, in a few short years, to build a company that employed over 300 people and generated over $40 million a year!!!




Please feel free to use Duke’s Law, compliments of Sinclair L.D. Johnson.