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We are a Washington, D.C. Metro Organization. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 70256, Washington, D.C. 20024-0256. Currently, we are expanding to Virginia Beach, VA, 576 North Birdneck Rd., Dept. 119, Virginia Beach, VA 23451.


*  We will bring to the NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL ( i.e. Canada) automotive market, successful NATIONAL and LOCAL concepts, techniques, marketing strategies, a central selling theme, and sales promotions related to AUTOMOTIVE ADVERTISING.

*  We will bring OVER 30 YEARS of Automotive Experience, on a NATIONAL LEVEL and INTERNATIONAL LEVEL.

*  We will provide the market with a central selling theme and selling promotions that will motivate the car buying consumers that are in the market and surrounding markets, to buy a car from you TODAY!

*  We produce customized copyright Newspaper, TV, Radio and web page design, and IT (internet marketing) SELLING PROMOTIONS necessary to provide the DEALERSHIP with the DAILY PRESOLD UPS needed to reach their sales goal.

*  Provide an in-depth day to day media plan and marketing strategy so your dealership advertising dollars will reach the maximum number of car buying consumers ready to buy a car from someone in your market within the next 24, 48 or 72 hours.

*  We can place all TV, RADIO, NEWSPAPER, and INTER NET media directly. There is no need for the dealer to have to waste their valuable selling time with media salesmen.

*  We offer World Class Motivational Meetings when your S ales Force goes FLAT.




If our recommendations are followed by a DEALERSHIP, we feel that we can show your DEALERSHIP how to produce a SUBSTANTIAL INCREASE in your monthly sales volume, if you have the proper dollar advertising budget, a capable sales force, and the physical structure to handle this increase in VOLUME.

*  All of our promotions are copyright and our copyrights are aggressively enforced by one of the three major copyright law firms we maintain on retainer.

*  Our company is a rock solid company with OV ER 30 YEARS history of proven performance and experience.

*  We have over 500 DEALERS (some are listed in the TOP 20 Mega Dealers, and others are among the “WHO’s WHO” of dealers in the U.S.)

*  We have helped make Automotive History with Toyota and Chrysler Corporations, etc. Mid Atlantic Toyota Distributor Group, Jim Moran, President, sold over 60 thousand units the first year in the United States. Sinclair L. D. Johnson helped to contribute 20% of this VOLUME. Jack Lowry Dodge Jersey S hore, PA (Population 2,500 then) sold over 2,000 units from Jersey s hore, PA in 2 years. Sinclair L. D. Johnson engineered the advertising theme and advertising strategy to help accomplish this.

Sinclair L. D. Johnson revised, marketed and SOLD the Advertising Campaign that launched Roger Penske Chevrolet in Southfield, Michigan years ago NOW known as the formidable National & International Multi $$Billion Dollar PENSKE CORPORATION, Penske Racing, Etc.

*  In over 30 years we have helped Dealers and their Agencies sell 100’s of THOU SANDS OF CARS!!!

We have a NATIONAL Consortium of Automotive Advertising Specialists (we have acquired over the years) available to us to help you achieve your every Advertising need.






  • In 1979 there was the GAS SHORTAGE.
  • In 1981 the INTEREST RATES increased to 22% PLUS and increasing fast toward 30%

Sinclair L. D. Johnson was there THEN to HELP DEALERS “SELL MORE CARS” and “MAKE MORE MONEY”.

In 2013 we believe only “THE DEALERS” that Advertise and Promote successfully, aggressively, with us will “SELL MORE CARS” and “MAKE MORE MONEY”.


Of course, we will continue to be there to HELP. Please contact us at 1-800-545-4047 or



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